CHRIS FORSYTH & The SOLAR MOTEL BAND – ” Solar Live Vol 8: Ortlieb’s “

Posted: May 6, 2022 in MUSIC

When the “Solar Motel” record was released in 2013, I had no band. I’d relocated to Philly in 2009 and made the record in 2011 with what was essentially a pickup band of cronies from my Brooklyn oughts days – bassist Peter Kerlin, keyboardist Shawn Edward Hansen, and drummer Mike Pride.

As the first real “rock” record I had made after years of fringe improv and drone with the likes of trumpeter Nate Wooley and my Brooklyn-based trio Peeesseye, “Solar Motel” caught some new ears. There would be gigs on the horizon, and for gigs, I’d need a band.

Thus, I got together with guitarist Paul Sukeena (then of Spacin’, more recently anchor of Angel Olsen’s live band and collaborator of Mary Lattimore) and drummer Steven Urgo, who’d recently logged time touring with a pre-fame War on Drugs, plus future Sunwatcher Kerlin on bass, who commuted down I-95 from his base in Brooklyn.

Material came together fast and our first gigs as The Solar Motel Band came during a residency at fabled Philly jazz bar Ortlieb’s, two sets every Thursday in June 2013. Tapers were present.

“Solar Live Vol 8: Ortlieb’s” presents a selection of residency highlights, largely early stage deep cuts that would surface on my No Quarter releases “Intensity Ghost” and “The Rarity of Experience” over the next few years, and features some rarely heard slide playing, guest spots from Harmonica Dan and guitarist Don Bruno, plus snippets of the canned banter I often deployed in those days in lieu of actually speaking to the audience..

released May 6th, 2022

Chris Forsyth: guitar
Paul Sukeena: guitar (1, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Don Bruno: guiar (2)
Peter Kerlin: bass guitar
Steven Urgo: drums
Harmonica Dan: harp (4)

Recorded at Ortlieb’s, Philadelphia PA, June 2013

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