BODY TYPE – ” The Charm “

Posted: May 5, 2022 in MUSIC

Australian band Body Type’s debut album “Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising”, out May 20th, is a collection of quietly furious songs that stick two fingers up at a society set up to see them fail. “The Charm” is their answer to a sexist music snob, the kind of missive that should leave the rest of the world in no doubt as to their abilities. After two hugely promising EPs, Body Type‘s debut studio album turns up the scuzz and urgency with glorious results and plenty of “yeah” moments.

Clearer in its convictions – namely, the imperative to stand firm in one’s power despite those that would see you relinquish it – ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’ is an unflinching and incendiary record, anchored by the band’s extremely sharp musical chemistry.

Of all 2022’s debut albums, Body Type’s had the most scenic route. A half-decade of gigging and EPs had already established the band as a compelling force of Sydney indie music, meaning that ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’ wasn’t the proving ground most debuts are.

Taken from upcoming album ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’ – out May 20th via Poison City Records.

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