RIDE – ” 4 EP’s “

Posted: April 27, 2022 in MUSIC

It’s a good day for lots of Ride news. Please read on for more on the imminent Nowhere30 tour, the reissues, new merch and a live film.

Firstly, we were really looking forward to getting out and touring the 30th anniversary of “Nowhere” back in 2020. Then the pandemic hit and delayed our plans, but here we are in 2022 and we are still buzzing about getting out on the road, if anything, more so than before.

Ride have announced details of their upcoming reissues of their early catalogue. On November 4th, Wichita Records will release vinyl and CD reissues of 1990’s “Nowhere” and 1992’s “Going Blank Again”. Also out that day, and perhaps most exciting of all, is compilation “4 EPs“, that for the first time collects Ride’s first four EPs — “Ride, Play, Fall”, and “Today Forever” — onto one set.

All these reissues feature remastered audio, and Ride’s Andy Bell told us, “These are my favourite pressings ever of these albums. Creation was an amazing record label but they didn’t press on the greatest vinyl. I’d rather have one of these new ones than an original any day.”

We’ve decided to start pressing new editions of the vinyl from the original Ride era. The first batch not only includes “Nowhere”, but also “Going Blank Again”, and an album we’ve created out of the first “4 EPs“. This new album has given us a chance to create some new (but old school) Ride artwork which we are pretty pleased with. 

Entitled “4 EPs”, this album compiles the first four Ride EPs onto one record for the first time ever. It features the tracks from Ride, “Play, Fall” and “Vapour Trail”. Ahead of their ‘Nowhere’ 30th anniversary UK tour starting 20th April, shoegaze legends Ride have announced the details of the reissues of their early classic albums via Wichita Recordings.

The full details of our reissues all lovingly released 4th November on Wichita Recordings. The audio from the original recordings has been reworked and finessed, and will be reissued on vinyl, cd and digital: The first 4 EPs are compiled onto one record for the first time ever. It’s a beautiful gatefold album on double white vinyl, plus there’s a 16 page booklet featuring archive photos and an essay by Nathaniel Cramp from Sonic Cathedral. “4 EPs” will be available as a double LP set on white vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with “new (but old school) Ride artwork” and a 14-page booklet featuring rare archive photos.

2LP – Packaged as a beautiful gatefold album on double white vinyl. This is accompanied by a 16 page booklet featuring archive photos and an essay by Sonic Cathedral’s Nathaniel Cramp.

Still to come are reissues of Ride’s final two original era albums: 1994’s “Carnival of Light” and 1996’s “Tarantula”. Stay tuned for details on those.

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