PETER GABRIEL – ” Shock the Monkey ” Earth Day Version for EarthPercent

Posted: April 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Peter Gabriel has today made available a previously unreleased version of his song ‘Shock The Monkey’. It was the first single from his fourth self-titled album (aka “Security“). It was more successful in America than it was in the UK .

The new version of ‘Shock The Monkey’ is only available digitally via Bandcamp and is called ‘Shock The Monkey (EarthPercent x Earth Day Mix)’. I should stress this is not some sort of modern remix, it’s a completely unheard alternate version from 1982 and it is really good!

Money from the sale of this track will to got EarthPercent and contribute to the charity’s Grantmaking Fund, which supports organisations doing vital work to help tackle the climate emergency

This version of the song is being made available for a limited time in support of EarthPercent x Earth Day, where over 100 artists have contributed a combination of new, unheard, exclusive and archival tracks. 

Peter Gabriel is best known as a musician. He started his solo work in 1975 after leaving his old school group: Genesis. He has released eleven solo albums and written soundtracks for three films.
Peter is now writing and recording, and working on a plan to create a streaming service for digital medicine and an Interspecies Internet.  

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