LOU REED – ” Lou Reed “

Posted: April 26, 2022 in MUSIC

Undoubtedly one of the pioneering members of the of rock ‘n’ roll, the late and great Lou Reed’s contribution to music is undeniable and immovable all at the same time. The singer-songwriter carved out an influential niche as one of the founding members of the Velvet Underground but arguably his work as a solo entity is the finest demonstration of his star power and immearsurable talent. His debut solo album release included “Berlin”, by Lou Reed, released in April 1972  compiled largely of songs leftover from his days with the Velvet Underground.

As such, the songs are well-crafted and compelling, noting the street life Reed was still wholly immersed in. It also means that this LP is missing the cut-throat wit of Reed’s later work.. The album features no less then three great guitar players: Caleb Quaye, Steve Howe (then with Yes) and Paul Keogh. On release the album did not fare that well, neither in stores nor with critics. But it did include another wonderful guest appearance by Rick Wakeman on piano. The grumpy old man remembers:
“Everyone who was taking part waited down in the bar not a difficult thing for me at the time. So you waited until you were called by Lou – a bit like a doctor’s surgery. Eventually someone came over and told me: ‘Rick, Lou is ready for you now.’ So I went up, and the studio was pitch-black apart from a lamp on the piano. I put the cans on, and I hear Lou’s voice in my ear: ‘I’m gonna play you this track, and I want you to play piano real quick over it. Just make sure you play real quick.’ I played over a few song snippets, then he went: ‘Thank you. That was great.’ I got up, the lights came on, and he came down, thanked me, and I walked out the door. It was an incredibly bizarre session.”

The Cover art by Tom Adams, illustrator known for his book cover art for the paperback editions of Agatha Christie.

The band:

Lou Reed – vocals; guitar
Caleb Quaye – electric and acoustic guitars; piano
Steve Howe – electric guitar
Paul Keogh – electric and acoustic guitars
Rick Wakeman – piano
Les Hurdle – bass guitar
Brian Odgers – bass guitar
Clem Cattini – percussion
Kay Garner – harmony vocals
Helene Francois – harmony vocals

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