EDITORS – ” Heart Attack “

Posted: April 25, 2022 in MUSIC

When one of your favourite bands returns after a longer break mixed feelings are natural as you approach the new material. I’ve been through all stages of love with Editors throughout the past 17 years; they partly also lost me, only to triumphantly win me back later. Now, a seventh studio album is approaching and “Heart Attack” is the first teaser from it and also the start of a new chapter. The band now added a sixth(!) member – electronic wizard Benjamin John Power, better known under his alias Blanck Mass – to the line-up. And while one could argue why it had to be another middle-aged man, that also appears to be quite logical since Power was already heavily involved with 2018’s “Violence” album. But it also means that we’re not getting rid of the slightly cinematic over-the-top version of Editors anytime soon. 

“Heart Attack” is a pumping goth pop anthem with industrial influences and while it might appear strange at first it actually grew on me with every listening experience. That final minute is especially nice. A friend of mine said the chorus sounded a bit like A-ha and I can’t unhear it ever since. I’m still on board … for the moment but we’ll have to see what the future will bring for these guys.

We’re also really pleased to announce Ivor Novello winning producer, composer and long time friend, Benjamin John Power, aka Blanck Mass, is joining the band as a full time member and will be playing live with us from the Autumn onwards.

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