GEORGIA HARMER – ” Stay in Touch “

Posted: April 23, 2022 in MUSIC

Across her stunning debut album, “Stay in Touch”, Georgia Harmer captures ineffable moments with expressive detail: the euphoric memory of a summer’s day so perfect you want to live inside it forever, the dusty heat of a Texas afternoon, a tingle of melancholy on a solo walk home after a party. With a wisdom and poise that belies her twenty-two years, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter has penned an emotionally resonant collection of songs that articulate the ways in which even the most fleeting experiences can forge bonds between strangers, create families out of friends, and one by one form the joys and sorrows that make up a life.

“Stay in Touch” spans everything from intimate folk and strummy country to sophisticated jazz and pop-kissed rock. Crammed into the corner of a West Toronto garage, Harmer and her band created musical landscapes that live up to the lyrical richness of the songs. The record sparkles with the lightning in a bottle feel of a band in thrall to their musical chemistry, adding more depth to the record’s themes.

“Stay in Touch” is inspired both by the relationships of past and the joy of finding your people in the here and now. It’s an unforgettable statement from a new artist with a heartbreakingly simple message: when you stay in touch with the experiences that have shaped you, you stay in touch with yourself.

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