CLARA ENGEL – ” Their Invisible Hands “

Posted: April 23, 2022 in MUSIC

On “Their Invisible HandsClara Engel draws for the songs, the vocals and the instruments and also for recording and producing the album at home. The songs on Clara Engel’s new album were partly improvised and as we are used to by now, a very special set of instruments is also used this time.

In addition to Clara Engel’s now well-known sigaardoos guitar, special instruments such as the talharpa, the shruti box, the tank drum, the melodica and the chromonica can be heard on “Their Invisible Hands“, after which the musician from Toronto used various objects as percussion instruments. It delivers an album that is as beautiful as it is special, which will sound familiar to anyone who knows the music of Clara Engel, although the musician from Toronto always breaks new ground.

On “Their Invisible Hands“, a fairly subtle instrumentation has been chosen, which is combined here and there with multiple layers of vocals, but these vocals are also omitted in a number of songs. As so often, Clara Engel’s music, thanks to the special soundscapes, has an enchanting or even hypnotic character and just like the previous albums you also have to hear “Their Invisible Hands” a few times before everything falls into place.

On “Their Invisible HandsClara Engel keeps the tempo low and several layers of music are stacked on top of each other. It gives the music a particularly spacious and also visual character. The instrumentation consists partly of repetitive elements, often guitar lines, after which the somewhat exotic instruments fill the open space.

Because of the special instruments, “Their Invisible Hands” also sounds completely different from all other albums that have recently been released. Clara Engel makes music that fits into the folk box with some imagination, but because of the special sounds it is not a moment folk that you know from other musicians, although Clara Engel does have a voice that can work well in more traditional folk.

It is amazing how Clara Engel also manages to combine many exotic and also different instruments in songs that ultimately sound fairly conventional. Because the Canadian musician made the new album alone, “Their Invisible Hands” sounds a bit more subdued than some of the predecessors, but this time it is also a colourful and special sound carpet that comes out of the speakers.

Clara Engel had no complaints about inspiration this time, because “Their Invisible Hands” contains thirteen songs and has a playing time of more than seventy minutes. The album contains mainly long tracks (the majority of the tracks last at least five minutes), which further enhances the mesmerizing nature of the Toronto musician’s music. “Their Invisible Hands” is an album on which you keep discovering new things and is another valuable addition to a completely unique oeuvre.

Released April 15th, 2022

Recorded and mixed at home in 2021 by Clara Engel.

All songs and instrumentals written and improvised by Clara Engel
Words to O’ Human Child are taken from W.B. Yeats’ “The Stolen Child”
Instruments: voice, cigar box guitar, talharpa, shruti box, melodica, found percussion, tongue drum, chromonica.

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