PIT PONY – ” World To Me / Supermarket “

Posted: April 21, 2022 in MUSIC

Today we unveil something we’ve been working on behind the scenes since late last summer. When Pit Pony first got in touch about having an album together, I was excited to hear what they’d been working on. On listening, I got to this track and knew we had something special on our hands. The track itself feels like an immersive journey to me, when I saw the video, I couldn’t believe how well they’d captured the intensity, emotion and feeling of the track.

With this and “Black Tar“, hopefully you can see the talent, intensity and depth the band have. Can’t wait for you to hear more from ‘World To Me’ which is the band’s debut album.

We’ve pressed 2 limited edition vinyl versions of this, one a red and black galaxy smoke vinyl version which is available from us and the band (click on the image above). The other a transparent gold vinyl which is exclusive to Indie record shops, places we love and want to support.

As Jackie puts it herself, “This one is a bit more of a storytelling exercise. Spliced experience to make a bit of narrative about two people with unfinished business or perhaps things unsaid but not to be resolved, or are they? Andrew (guitarist) brought the basis of the song which has a very strong krautrock vibe with the motorik beat and same bass throughout.”

“The monotonous start and heavy repetition really leant itself to that kind of everyday kitchen sink narrative. It then slowly gets more frenetic over time and wild towards the end, like most tumultuous relationships do. In terms of influence I’d just read/watched Normal People by Sally Rooney and been listening to Taylor Swift’s Folklore album so take from that what you will.”

‘Supermarket’ out now on Clue Records: the Debut album ‘World To Me’ available on 2 limited vinyl editions; – red and black smoke vinyl (Clue version) – transparent gold vinyl (Indie record shops only)

“Ferocious five-piece” – Mary Anne Hobbs BBC 6 Music
“Wonderfully Abrasive. Bring on the ringing” – Narc Magazine
“​a seething slice of the finest Garage Rock” – Louder Than War

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