HONEYGLAZE – ” Burglar “

Posted: April 21, 2022 in MUSIC

A South London-based, “haiku loving” trio, Honeyglaze formed out of vocalist and guitarist Anouska Sokolow’s desire to not be a solo artist. After meeting up with bassist Tim and drummer Yuri, Honeyglaze began playing live just three days later. After eighteen months of not playing, the band quickly made up for it, with sets at the 100 Club and Green Man Festival already under their belts. Honeyglaze are set to be one of the most exciting bands across 2022 and beyond. With their self-titled debut album set for release later this month which coincides with support slots for Wet Leg – followed by a headline tour of their own, the Speedy Wunderground signees will soon be a household name for those on the hunt for the ‘next exciting thing.’

Continuing their magical few months, the band have this week announced their singing to Speedy Wunderground and marked the occasion with a brand single, “Burglar“.

Burglar” was inspired by a poem by Charles Bukowski, and attempt to capture the feeling of, “being half-awake before dawn and waiting alone for the clarity of morning“. The lyrics are less a story and more an attempt to capture a feeling, a series of metaphors designed to make you dream, not understand, “you said I was nothing but a dream, I said you were nothing”. If the lyrics are intriguingly obtuse, musically too this is a difficult track to pin down, there are nods to the surrealist pop of Haley Heynderickx, yet the twitchy guitar lines and jazzy rhythms would sound equally at home on an album by Radiohead or Do Make Say Think.

By the time the track slides away on the fabulously intense instrumental outro, you’ll be intrigued and charmed in equal measure. The band claim to be for fans of Salvador Dali and Power Rangers, yet if you don’t fit that particular Venn diagram don’t be put off, there’s something here for everyone from a band who look to be at the start of something very special.

Burglar” is out now via Speedy Wunderground.

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