Posted: April 20, 2022 in MUSIC

 How about Miles Davis? For issue #301, we wanted to make a statement, debut a new cover star and tell a story that remains largely untold elsewhere in mainstream music magazines. Davis – an artist who revolutionised music several times over – seemed like the perfect fit, and the period covered in Tom’s excellent cover story captures him during one of his many transformative periods, conveniently pulling him closer into our world that ever before. As Tom notes in his excellent piece, “Like Dylan, like Bowie, Miles contained multitudes”; read more on page 88.

Elsewhere in the issue, you’ll find excellent new interviews with Michael HeadArooj AftabGlen MatlockThe Black KeysFatoumata Diawarathe AssociatesSharon Van EttenBrian Eno and more. Eno’s old sparring partner, Bryan Ferry, has also written at length for us about all eight Roxy Music studio records, while the Stones’ most iconic album is saluted by a panel of heads, including Cat PowerJ MascisMike ScottAdam GranducielJennifer Herrema and Kurt Vile, and we take a peek at Dylan’s upcoming archival exhibition.

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