SOCCER MOMMY – ” Sometimes, Forever “

Posted: April 20, 2022 in MUSIC

Produced by Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin, this is a true evolution of Soccer Mommy’s sound, without losing the adhesive melodic hooks that enamoured us to her from the start.

“Sometimes, Forever” refers to the idea that the good and bad are both temporary and always returning. feelings of sorrow and emptiness will pass but they will always come back around, as will feelings of joy. this album explores many ups and downs. It moves from the high of love to hopelessness and disconnect. a frustrated loss of control over life and a disconnect from the self reoccur throughout the record, only to circle back to a willingness to let go and be free, Whether through love (Shotgun, With U) or blissful ignorance (Don’t Ask Me). it’s a coexistence of light and dark, not only lyrically but tonally. Dan once called it the angels and demons record lol.

Soccer Mommy has shared another Daniel Lopatin–produced single from her forthcoming album “Sometimes Forever”. The new track is titled “Unholy Affliction.” Check it out below.

Sophie Allison’s follow-up to 2020’s Color Theory arrives on June 24th. She announced the album in March, sharing “Shotgun” from the album with the news. Last year, she shared a song titled “Kissing in the Rain,” her contribution to the soundtrack for the comic book Dark Nights: Death Metal. She also released another track in July, “Rom Com 2004,” which didn’t make the cut for “Sometimes Forever”.

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