TALLIES – ” Patina “

Posted: April 16, 2022 in MUSIC

For the past few years, Toronto band Tallies have been perfecting their own shimmery, jangly take on ’80s and ’90s dream-pop. The band got together in 2018, and they’ve released one album, a self-titled affair that came out on Kanine Records in 2019. For the past few months, Tallies have been cranking out new singles, and now they’ve announced that they’ll release their sophomore LP “Patina” I Really like this stomper of a song which is a nice addition to their typical light twangy melancholy discography 

Tallies recorded their new album with Holy Fuck member and Metz/Alvvays producer Graham Walsh. The band’s new single “Hearts Underground” makes a nice introduction to the band. It’s an upbeat, twinkly shamble with some elegantly weary vocals from bandleader Sarah Cogan. The band put together their own found-footage video for the clip, and it works as a sort of mood-board for the song itself.

In a press release, Cogan says: This song is that little voice that kicks yourself. The voice that says, “Why’d you do that?” In this case, it was about how it holds me back, sometimes for the better. It’s about self-sabotage. Sometimes, you wish this little voice would speak up sooner and not just after the fact. I wrote a song about that little voice that I’ve heard my whole life; it’s a reflection on times when I’ve held back too much or when I wish I’d held back more.

Releases July 29th, 2022

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