ZACH BRYAN – ” Late July “

Posted: April 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Zach Bryan has a brand new album, “American Heartbreak“, coming out next month (May 20th), his first major label studio album, a whopping 34 songs, and he’s still out here dropping new ones that aren’t even on it.

Written and performed by Zach along with Eddie Spear, Louie Nice and Read Connelly, “Late July” seems to find Zach in the midst of this new road warrior lifestyle that has overtaken him now that he’s a full time touring musician. But like all of our favourite artists, who trade time with their loved ones to come out and play shows for us, it takes a toll. And as great (and fun) as it is, most of the time, you’re just wishing you were on your way home. I’d say true love rips your heart out and puts it back together all in the same sentence or song.
Here’s an album I wrote with pain, laughter, humility, love and honesty.
I didn’t call it “American Heartbreak” after a tacky love story, but because we all face trials every day and put ourselves back together every single time regardless. Whether in relationships or jobs, our families, our dreams or our let downs, I just wrote the whole thing praying someone just might relate to a story or two.

Bryan has previously released singles from the new project, “From Austin” and the jam of the month right now, “Highway Boys”, with plans to release “Something In The Orange” before album release day, as well.

Belting Bronco Records under exclusive license to Warner Records, Inc.

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