WET LEG – ” Live On The Porch “

Posted: April 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Wet Leg—the British indie rock duo of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers—have released their debut self-titled album. Much of the album was recorded in London before the band had played its first show. “I wanted to write fun songs, I didn’t want to indulge sad feelings too much, I wanted to write stuff that’s fun to listen to and fun to play,” Teasdale said of the album in a statement. “But then, the sad seeps through, as well.”

The magic trick of the Wet Leg roll out is that while the songs on their record were written around the same time, they were fed to us in a sequence that filled in the character of the band and made it look like real-time creative growth. They were introduced as inscrutable and mischievious weirdos with “Chaise Longue,” but as the songs came out the lyrical POV became more apparent – they’re writing songs about being young women who want to have a good time but keep running into all the odd and annoying ways a good time can be spoiled by other people. There’s a raw vulnerability in a lot of their songs that wasn’t apparent on the aloof and opaque “Chaise Longue” but the playfulness of that song carries over to even their most fraught heart-on-sleeve numbers, so it all clicks together nicely.

“Being In Love” hit me as an instant classic the moment I heard them play it at their show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn in December. The lyrical conceit is simple but very strong – Rhian Teasdale is singing about a powerful and debilitating anxiety, but deciding that she doesn’t hate the feeling because it strongly resembles the feeling of falling in love. The song, which has an energy halfway between that of Wet Leg forebears Blondie and Elastica, really sells the crush feeling but the lyrics subvert the form by completely removing the romantic element. You could listen to it and make it about a person, but it would be missing the point.

Setlist : Chaise Longue 03:33 – Supermarket 06:45 – Wet Dream 09:09 – Oh No 11:41 – Too Late Now

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