SWEET CRISIS – ” I’ll Be Creepin ” Free Cover

Posted: April 15, 2022 in MUSIC

This is such a juicy cover of Free’s classic that we had to share it. Guitars and beats are laid on just thick enough, and singer/lifelong Free fan Leo Robarts gives Rival Sons’ Jay Buchanan a run for his money, leaning into this rich, glam-soul stomp take on the original 1969 melody. As Leo explains, the idea sprung from a dream-like meeting with Rodgers backstage at Hyde Park, when he was singing with Queen. “Piers and I ended up in Paul’s trailer after the gig, and I started to sing “I’ll Be Creepin’ to him and he joined in! A dream come true.”

Performed by : (Sweet Crisis 2022) Leo Robarts, Piers Mortimer, Matt Duduryn, Joe Taylor, Dom Briggs-Fish.

“The missing link between Free and The Black Keys” Paul Elliott, Q Magazine / Mojo Magazine

“Some bands come out of the gate with a debut that flattens the competition” VIVE LE ROCK 8/10

‘Ever wondered how to bring out a debut album that will blow your mind and make you unable to stop playing it? The easy answer just dropped and Sweet Crisis are the solution to all your dreams. JACE MEDIA 10/10

Released : 2022 Headline Records

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