KAITLIN BUTTS – ” What Else Can She Do “

Posted: April 15, 2022 in MUSIC

Butts, an Oklahoma native, is a country music powerhouse with vocals equally as compelling as her song writing is impressive. After she crashed into the country music scene, making her name known with the 2015 debut album “Same Hell, Different Devil“, it took four years before a new single, and two more before the next in 2021.

Shortly thereafter, she began releasing singles for the upcoming album. It’s safe to say the suspense has been building for another album for quite some time.

These songs are all songs from different women facing the question: what else can she do?
based on her circumstances, what choices does she have, right or wrong?
Life isn’t all that pretty sometimes. it comes with pain and pushing through hard times, being stagnant, going through the motions, not knowing what to do, or just being flat out angry with whatever life has put on your plate.
I see myself in all of these women and their stories. I see these women in my friends and family all around me struggling with divorce, infidelity, financial instability, addiction, family issues, life-altering tough times but somehow, are still resilient and come out on the other side changes but better and stronger.
I hope that if you are in one of those moments, this album makes you feel seen and comforts you in times of darkness. know that you are never truly alone and it won’t always be this way.

Kaitlin Butts is not only one of the most underrated artists on the Texas/Red Dirt scene, but she’s one of the most underrated in all of country music.

I think that could change soon, though, with the release of her new album entitled “What Else Can She Do” set for release on Friday, April 15th.

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