FLYING MOON IN SPACE – ” The Day The Sun Was Made “

Posted: April 14, 2022 in MUSIC

Leipzig-based experimental group Flying Moon In Space are today announcing their second album, ‘ZWEI’, which is due out June 24th on Fuzz Club Records! Alongside the album news, the band are also sharing the first single ‘The Day The Sun Was Made’ and announcing UK/EU tour dates for May/June!.  

Arriving following their 2020 self-titled debut and this year’s remix 12″, ‘ZWEI’ sees Flying In Moon In Space shift creative approach. Where their debut was an extension on their live shows, long improv performances that would last hours at a time, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions meant they were forced to explore new ways of creating together (but get no less creative with it.) Adopting the childhood game ‘Stille Post’ (or ‘Telephone’), the six members would each send the demos around in a circle, recording a single line or changing up the tempo, until the songs took on a life of their own.

These demos were then into a studio deep in the forests of the Czech Republic and ‘ZWEI’ was born. “Musically it turned out to be somehow something completely new to us. As a result ZWEI has a more structured, poppy side compared to our debut, even though sound wise we opened up to more experimental layers – using synthesisers for the first time, loops and field recordings. The process behind this LP was manifold – testing out personal and aesthetic borders, and carrying on our idea of what Flying Moon In Space can be sonically.”

Describing ‘The Day The Sun Was Made’, Flying Moon In Space wrote: “A big bang explodes with an Elysian force still echoing across the heavens. A brightly flatulent star is formed in the Milky Way, sending its light in all directions for all the chaos to see. Eclipsed by none in our solar spin, the celestial throne of Ra looks warmly upon our tiny blue dot. Here we behold the grand design.”

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