WET LEG – ” Wet Leg “

Posted: April 11, 2022 in MUSIC

UK duo make good on the promise of “Chaise Longue” on their absolute blast of a debut album

Wet Leg‘s self-titled debut is finally here and — sorry haters — it’s great. “Wet Leg” plays like a snapshot of your mid-to-late-20s, when hangovers start to get worse but don’t stop you from going out all the time, and you start looking for more serious relationships, questioning the direction your life is heading — all set to ridiculously catchy indie rock. Songs are peppered with memorable, saucy lines — “Baby do you want to come home with me? / I’ve got Buffalo 66 on DVD,” “I hope you choke on your girlfriend,” “I got the big D” — but Wet Leg know the value of a “la la la” or “ah-eeh-ah” chorus, too.

The production, mostly by the in-demand Dan Carey with mixing by Alan Moulder (he did all your favorite ’90s shoegaze albums), isn’t scared of layers upon layers of sound — “Angelica” builds to a wonderful hazy, noisy mess, and “Convincing” (Chambers’ sole lead vocal here) is a sea of guitars and harmonies — but they understand sometimes all you need is bass and drums. Hooks are plentiful and sometimes come in the form of seemingly throwaway pings and glitches, and keep things interesting in the choruses, verses and middle eights.

Never in a million years when we started Wet Leg did we think we’d be releasing an album or doing any of this tbf. We feel so privileged that we were given the opportunity to make the album we have made. Thank you to everyone who believed in us even before we did!

Wet Leg – “Ur Mum” from the album ‘Wet Leg’ out now on Domino Recordings

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