PAVEMENT – ” Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal + Spit On A Stranger ” Expanded Edition

Posted: April 11, 2022 in MUSIC

The long-awaited deluxe edition of Pavement‘s divisive (literally!) final album, which many thought would never see the light of day, is finally out and comes with the very different track order that producer Nigel Godrich originally envisioned for the album, plus 28 never-before-heard bonus tracks including a lot of Stephen Malkmus demos.

“Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal” is an exhaustive 45-track set compiling the remastered original album, B-sides, home demos, rehearsal tapes, era-appropriate live recordings, and even the rough tracks from Pavement’s scrapped session at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio. Altogether, it features 28 unreleased tracks. Originally released in 1999, “Terror Twilight” marked a departure from Pavement’s established operating methods. Which is to say that it was recorded with a big-time producer in an expensive studio. However, for all the talk of “polish” and “precision” it’s still very much a Pavement record. And a great one. Like every Pavement album that preceded it, “Terror Twilight” thrills and confounds. Often at the same time. Also being released the same day: An expanded edition of Pavement’s “Spit On A Stranger” It includes the viral phenomenon “Harness Your Hopes” and a previously unreleased live take from the band’s legendary 1999 Brixton performance.”

“Spit on a Stranger” is taken from the album ‘Terror Twilight.’ Pre-order / save the deluxe box set ‘Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal’ out on Matador Records April 8th, 2022:

Maybe it’s Godrich’s track order, maybe it’s just time away, but Terror Twilight sounds pretty good in 2022, and feels like it’s gotten better with age. It also sounds much more like a Pavement album now than it did in 1999 when the baggage of its creation came with it, even though Kanneberg’s essay in the liner notes is titled “The Terror Twilight… or Pavement’s All Shook Down,” which is a reference to The Replacements’ final album that many consider to be a Paul Westerberg solo album.

“You Are a Light” “Spit on a Stranger,” the doomy “Cream of Gold,” “Ann Don’t Cry,” “Billie,” and “Folk Jam” are Pavement songs through-and-though. Only “Carrot Rope” and “Major Leagues” really feel like songs that could’ve ended up on Malkmus’ first solo album. One that did, “The Hook,” was actually tried out during the RPM sessions as “Be the Hook,” and is one of “Farewell Horizontal’s” many bonus tracks.

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