SHARON VAN ETTEN – ” We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong “

Posted: April 9, 2022 in MUSIC

Out on Jagjaguwar, ‘We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong’ is the sixth studio album from Sharon Van Etten. Unusually, no songs were trailed before the record’s release, as the American singer-songwriter intended it to be heard as a continuous suite of ten songs (therefore, it doesn’t include the 2021 Angel Olsen collaboration ‘Like I Used To’ or 2022 single ‘Porta’).

For those of you here, I believe you know I just announced my new album yesterday. It’s titled, “We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong“, and it will be available May 6th. For those that are wondering why I have chosen not to release any singles ahead of this release, I want to share the following with you,

I miss the days of waiting for a new record to come out, without hearing anything until then. I’d run to the store, invite friends over and hold the record in my hands, read the lyrics, the credits, and listen from start to finish and hear the album in the way the artist intended. To honour that sentiment and those that still believe in the concept of what a record can mean to the individual, I wanted to give that same opportunity to the listener to engage with this collection of songs the way I have imagined, without being teased singles leading up to the day it is out. I hope the listener can appreciate this gift of anticipation. I hope my fans are excited to have a chance to listen to the record the way they want to.

From beginning to end, this album is an emotional journey that documents the rollercoaster of the last two years we have all experienced in our own ways. I hope you will take that ride with me. Thank you for staying by my side. x Sharon

Clearly harbingers for a new album. True, Sharon Van Etten announced her sixth long player, titled “We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong“, arriving on 6th May. But surprisingly those new songs will not be on the album.

Van Etten: “I wanted to approach this release differently, to engage my fans in an intentional way, in an effort to present the album as a whole body of work. These 10 songs are designed to be listened to in order, at once, so that a much larger story of hope, loss, longing and resilience can be told.”

We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong” coming May 6th.

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