MO TROPER – ” Revolver ” Beatles Cover

Posted: April 7, 2022 in MUSIC

Mo Troper is one of the premiere power pop songwriters of our time. Since his tuneful, fuzzed-out solo debut “Beloved” in 2016, the Portland-based musician has been steadily releasing LPs that have added muscle definition and ornate arrangements to his classic throwback hooks and witty-but-withering lyrics. For his latest release, Mo Troper undertook a challenge worthy of lofty songwriters from Elliott Smith to Booker T and The MG’s and R. Stevie Moore alike: recording a full covers album of The Beatles’ “Revolver”, with all of the proceeds going towards Defense Fund PDX and Austin Mutual Aid.

Released in the summer of 1966, “Revolver” saw the Fab Four transition from the reigning pop mop-tops of the first half of their career to the countercultural trailblazers that would solidify them as arguably the most influential and certainly most documented and scrutinized rock band of all time. John Lennon’s comments earlier that year about the group becoming “more popular than Jesus” sparked an apoplectic response from the social and religious Right—the Ku Klux Klan picketed Beatles shows, records were ceremonially burned, and their songs were pulled from radio stations. They would never tour again. As such, the album has developed an enigmatic mystique, and many modern listeners consider it to be the ultimate Beatles LP.

More than a rote imitative exercise or novelty tribute, Mo really absorbs himself in what makes “Revolver” actually special: That in its heart of hearts, even for being inarguably peak Beatles, it’s the mother of all DIY bedroom pop albums.

Released March 12th, 2021

Mo Troper: vocals, guitars, bass, keys, drums, programming, Tyler Blue Broderick: vocals on “Yellow Submarine”

recorded and mixed by mo troper at home in late 2020/early 2021,  Top Beatles album covers but I love the homemade jangly vibe. Wafts of Olivia Tremor Control. Giving all the funds to charity too. 

all songs written by Lennon-Mccartney, with the exceptions of “Love You To,” “Taxman” and “I Want To Tell You,” written by George Harrison. recorded and released with permission from sony/atv music

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