CALEXICO – ” El Mirador “

Posted: April 7, 2022 in MUSIC

For over 20 years, Calexico has highlighted the unique social and linguistic intersections at the U.S.-Mexico border and imagined the possibilities of a borderless world. That’s true in a political sense, but in a musical one, too: Together with their collaborators, Joey Burns and John Convertino have long been hailed for their windswept, desert-hewn rock that reflects the cultural blend of their home state of Arizona. On their latest album, 2022’s “El Mirador,” they’re joined by Gaby Moreno, Jairo Zavala and more in a blend of haunting desert noirs, buoyant jolts of cumbia and Cuban son. 

Our new song “Harness The Wind” from our forthcoming album “El Mirador” is out now. It’s a song about hope and sharing compassion to fellow travellers and dreamers who are trying to find their way.

I wrote some of the lyrics on flights between Boise and Tucson, where I had hours of being up in the clouds. I started remembering flying dreams I had as a child and I wanted to instill some of those metaphors in the lyrics. We’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of our new album ‘El Mirador.’ In the summer of 2021, we reunited in Tucson and began writing and recording tracks at our keyboardist Sergio Mendoza’s home studio. You can hear the title track, a slow cumbia about transformation and finding one’s way back home to their heart. It features Gaby Moreno, Tom Hagerman, and Alessandro Stefana.

When we recorded the track it felt like we tapped into a spark of bright light and positivity. Everything fell together quickly and naturally. With the shiny electric guitar weaving in and out of John and Sergio’s propelling drums and bass, the song always had a vibe that stood out from the other songs. We sent the tracks to Sam Beam to add his vocals on the chorus which made the tune float even more. 

Our new song “Harness The Wind” from our forthcoming album ‘El Mirador’ is out now:

In addition to our previously announced April and May European tour dates, we are thrilled to announce a US Tour, beginning June 3 in Portland!  Tickets for all shows go on sale Friday at 10am.  

​We’ll see you all out there! 
Joey Burns

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