HATER – ” Far From A Mind “

Posted: March 31, 2022 in MUSIC

The latest single from “Sincere”, the new album from Sweden’s Hater, is “Far From a Mind” which is accompanied by a disquieting performance video directed by Jacob Nilsson.

Suppressing overpowering emotions on the disconcerting ‘Far From A Mind’, it’s joyously effervescent with a dark underbelly where fury manifests in a swirl of entrancing and propulsive percussion. Directed by Jacob Nilsson with cinematographer Benjamin Zadig, the accompanying new music video captures the brooding anger that stirs within the song. Solidifying their impressive trajectory, ‘Sincere’ sees the Swedish four-piece producing distinctly darker music with heavier instrumentation. A reawakening for the visionary band, it’s an expansive shoegaze trip through noisier, bittersweet pop realms where anger and heartbreak sheds new light on the acclaimed outfit.

Hater release new single ‘Far From A Mind’ . The track is from their forthcoming new album ‘Sincere’ out 6th May.

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