PRINCE and the REVOLUTION – ” Live “

Posted: March 30, 2022 in MUSIC

Prince & The Revolution “Live” will be released June 3rd. Pre-order this set featuring the legendary “Purple Rain” tour stop in Syracuse, NY will be released on 3 LPs

Prince and the Revolution’s “Live” concert film will receive a vinyl, CD and Blu-ray release for the first time. It’s available for preorder on the late artist’s website in the aforementioned formats, as well as a collector’s edition that includes three 150-gram LPs (purple, red and gold vinyl), two CDs, a Blu-ray video, a 44-page photo book, new liner notes and a poster.

The “Live” film was recorded during Prince’s March 30th, 1985, concert at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y., while he was on tour in support of his chart-topping 1984 album “Purple Rain“. The set list appropriately included the “Purple Rain” album in its entirety, as well as six songs off its predecessor, “1999“.

Prince originally released “Live” on VHS; the album received a posthumous DVD release in 2017, and the audio became available digitally in 2020. The concert includes extended versions of many songs, including an 18-minute rendition of “Purple Rain” to end the show. The set also had various interludes and song snippets, including the aptly titled “Purple House,” an ode to Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House.”
The members of the Revolution reflected on the simultaneous tightness and spontaneity of the Purple Rain tour in a 2017 Rolling Stone oral history, revealing that Prince would fine band members who made mistakes.

The Prince Estate is previewing the “Live” release with a video of the show opener “Let’s Go Crazy.”

“If you missed a cue or played an extra horn punch or something, that was $500,” keyboardist Lisa Coleman said. “He would withhold your money. It never happened to me. I’m lucky. Actually, I’m good at faking it. He never knew when I made a mistake.” “It was literally the Olympics,” guitarist Wendy Melvoin added. “We were like synchronized swimmers. If someone screwed up that thing, there’s not even a bronze medal. You’re just off the team. This was high stakes.”

Prince once said of the March 30th, 1985, Syracuse show, “There’s nothing I would change. It was one of the most powerful concerts I’ve ever attended.”

“Listening back to that Syracuse show, I’m like, ‘Wow, we sound like a freight train just coming out of nowhere,’” the Revolution’s BrownMark added of the concert in a statement. “That was powerful. I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and I’ve never seen anything like that.”

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