ANGEL OLSEN – ” Big Time “

Posted: March 29, 2022 in MUSIC

Angel Olsen has announced her new album “Big Time“. It’s out June 3rdx via Jagjaguwar and features the new single “All the Good Times.” Watch the video for the album’s opening song below.

According to the album’s announcement, “Big Time” was written during a period of time when Olsen was coming out . “Some experiences just make you feel as though you’re 5 years old, no matter how wise or adult you think you are,” Olsen said in a statement about coming out to her parents around that time. “Finally, at the ripe age of 34, I was free to be me.” Both of her parents died just before she began recording the album.

Kimberly Stuckwisch directed the new “All the Good Times” music video, which stars Olsen and her partner. “Angel’s story is a gift,” Stuckwisch said in a statement. “It allowed me to visually explore the universal themes of love, loss, and most importantly what holds us back from realizing our true selves.”

Big Time” was recorded and mixed with co-producer Jonathan Wilson. It also features pianist and organist Drew Erickson and bassist Emily Elhaj. The new album is the follow-up to Olsen’s 2021 covers EP “Aisles” and the 2020 album “Whole New Mess“—a counterpart to 2019’s “All Mirrors“. She’ll soon tour with Sharon Van Etten and Julien Baker

On “Big Time“, the grand, burgeoning, symphonic gestures of Angel Olsen’s last three studio LPs are gone, substituted with “Phases”-era, minimalistic, pedal steel-tinged sobcore and dreamy twang. It’s a one-woman show, a prize fight where the challenger no-showed. “Big Time” isn’t a bummer opera; it’s a last-call, honky-tonk bar encore—and it rules. On opener “All The Good Times,” Olsen surrenders the album’s thesis, declaring that she’s done making excuses for everyone else. “I can’t say that I’m sorry when I don’t feel so wrong anymore,” she sings. The horn arrangements here are subtle, and Drew Erickson’s organ trembles slightly beneath Olsen’s vocals. It’s an announcement, a warning, that this is a new era of her songwriting.

“All The Good Times” by Angel Olsen from the forthcoming album ‘Big Time’, out June 3rd on Jagjaguwar.

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