CAMP COPE – ” Running with the Hurricane “

Posted: March 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Over the past 18 months, Camp Cope have become a force in modern music, a wholly independent band who will only do things on their terms, and refuse to compromise on their values. The three-piece have already garnered international acclaim. Selling out two shows at the Sydney Opera House last month, taking home wins for multiple Australian music awards including Best Emerging Act at The Age Music Victoria Awards, the Heatseeker Award at the inaugural NLMAs, a nomination for Australian Album of the Year at the J Awards and being shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize.

While Camp Cope’s politically forthright sophomore effort was defined by its penetrating admonishments, Hurricane is contemplative and peaceful. This is unsurprising, considering it took four years for the album to materialize, during which time Maq worked as a nurse issuing COVID vaccines. “I used to place a lot of importance on music—I was like, ‘this is the most important thing in the world,’” she recently told NME. “And then the pandemic happened, and my focus completely shifted.” Lead single “Blue” is emblematic of this focus shift, as Maq permits herself to look inward. “Sat in my car ’til the song stopped playing / See I’m blue with or without you, baby,” she shivers over milky open chords, landing on the inevitable realization that our sadness is attached to ourselves alone. Interrogations of love and relationships spread across the album, and vacillate between stoic self-assurance and unabashed servility. On “Caroline,” Maq tells herself, “I know there is love that doesn’t have to do / Anything that you don’t want it to do.” Meanwhile, “Jealous” finds her admitting that she begrudges an ex-lover’s pet (“You’re never in the wrong / I’m so jealous of your dog / Still got my collar on”).

Running With The Hurricane” finds Camp Cope on the other side of a storm. The third LP from Melbourne trio Georgia Maq, Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich and Sarah Thompson is about what happens after chaos hits; when you’ve walked through the fire and come out stronger, calmer and happier than ever before.

The band’s last album, 2018’s How To Socialise And Make Friends, put Camp Cope under an intense spotlight. That release allowed the trio to say what they needed to but both professionally and in their personal lives, they’re in a very different place this time around. On “Running With The Hurricane”, Maq (songwriter, vocals, piano, acoustic & electric guitar), Hellmrich (bass guitar) and Thompson (drums) are older, wiser and happier. It’s an album that is gentler than what they have done before, more positive and more at peace with the universe. Because as Georgia Maq sings on the album’s title track, sometimes “The only way out is up”.

While the Big Stuff of this album is all about growth, over- coming and pushing through the pain, the little details are still quintessentially Camp Cope. “Running With The Hurricane” reflects on faltered romances, secret crushes and vibrating with the confidence that makes you feel like you’re on fire. It’s about taking comfort in knowing who you are, feeling yourself and returning, always, to the city of Melbourne.

For fans of Courtney Barnett, 10,000 Maniacs and Bettie Serveert.

“Running With The Hurricane” by Camp Cope off of their upcoming album ‘Running with the Hurricane’ out March 25th via Run For Cover Records.

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