The REDS PINKS & PURPLES – ” Slow Torture of an Hourly Wage “

Posted: March 20, 2022 in MUSIC

Glenn Donaldson has always been prolific (Art Museums, Skygreen Leopards, Vacant Gardens, Blithe Sons, etc.) but he seems to have hit on a mother vein of inspiration recently with his nom de plume The Reds Pinks and Purples. While the USA waits for the “Summer at Land’s End” LP to make it to shops, Donaldson, not constrained by mortal production backlogs went and put out a download only single so fine that it’ll make you forget whatever you just heard. “The Slow Torture of an Hourly Wage” is a song that Morrissey would kill for to bring him out of irrelevance.

Featuring a maudlin harmonica melody that sort of reminds you of “Hand in Glove”, but since the 80’s are 40 years ago and old idols have fallen your mileage may vary.  The fact that Donaldson tosses great shit like this off for free has me questioning the internet economy.  Can someone make this an NFT of this so this guy can get paid?

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