GANSER – ” Look at the Sun ” EP

Posted: March 17, 2022 in MUSIC

In 2020, Ganser navigated the tricky task of releasing their sophomore LP “Just Look at That Sky” during the height of a pandemic, not realizing that its art rock tendencies, dark humour, and themes of internal emotional weather would resonate with the likes of Rolling Stone, The Quietus, Paste, Vice, Sound Opinions, Bandcamp, Brooklyn Vegan, and more year-end lists. With tour plans cancelled, the challenge of safely filming, directing and editing music videos, and speaking out on sexism and racism within the music industry online a constant conversation, the band made new connections with artists also confronted with making art in 2020. Now, they return with an EP of collaborations “Look at the Sun”, partnering with a diverse guestlist of artists for remixes of tracks from the critically acclaimed JLATS.

“I feel like there’s a group of us that released any kind of art project in 2020, we were all on Twitter wondering what the hell was going on, doomscrolling. We were all reacting to everything that was happening in real time, it felt like a surreal limbo. In a way, it was very vintage internet, commiserating with folks we’ve never met in person yet. The idea of getting back into the world, finally meeting Sadie and Bartees, it’s something to look forward to.” -Alicia Gaines, Ganser

The remix EP, “Look at the Sun“, draws its collaborators from a wide range of connections. From past shared stages in the form of GLOK’s Andy Bell and Girl Band’s Adam Faulkner, to 2020 tours meant to be with Algiers, and new relationships built online in lockdown (Sad13, Bartees Strange), “Look at the Sun” embodies connections made online when real-life ones weren’t possible. The process was not unlike choosing the attendants of an ideal dinner party, whose styles would play well while also bringing their unique sound to the table. What resulted was an incredible mix of talented artists collaborating to make something truly lovely in the wake of a very hard year. 

Released May 6th, 2021

Ganser is Alicia Gaines, Nadia Garofalo, Brian Cundiff, & Charlie Landsman. All songs written & performed by Ganser except “Bags for Life” trumpet and trombone performance by Kevin Natoli & Michael Cox.

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