WITCH FEVER – ” Reincarnate “

Posted: March 13, 2022 in MUSIC

A riff-ridden ride of damn good doom-punk. Meet Witch Fever, the Manchester four-piece wielding their gratifying and glorious grunge poetry, arming their ever-growing fanbase with a memorandum to change the world.

The name ‘Witch Fever’ is inspired by the hysteria which accompanied the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, and Europe, which the band have long considered were a means to belittle, suppress and diminish women. Since emerging in 2017, the quartet have been an impressive voice in advocating for women’s rights, standing up to sexism within the music industry and the outdated tropes associated with female expression. Witch Fever do what they wanna do and channel punk attitudes independent of what anyone would otherwise tell them punk should be. Commanding their sublime racket, this is a band who stand for something and we’re more than ready to stand right with them.

“We didn’t start the band with any genre in mind and it took us a while to find what style we wanted to make but we’ve always resonated with heavy riffs.”

Live is where their power lies, it’s a snarling, pounding show they have, we’re counting the days until we can see it again.

Also last seen making a racket supporting Joe Talbot earlier in the year were Witch Fever, who are no stranger to these pages. We’ve been bigging these up for a while now and with good reason, it’s a tremendous noise that they are making, all riffs and attitude.

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