BAMBARA – ” With Love On My Mind “

Posted: March 13, 2022 in MUSIC

Bambara and Nothing’s Nicky Palermo Talk Love on My Mind, Post-Tour Downtime, and Big-Ass Fireworks, The Brooklyn post-punk trio linked up with the Nothing frontman ahead of the release of Bambara’s new mini-album.

When I say Bambara reminds me of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, I think I mean that less in the sense that their music directly references any particular moment in that group’s decades-long career, but rather that it embodies the same foggy theatricality as the Seeds’ chandelier-lit performance in Wings of Desire—an energy not dissimilar to the one Bambara displays in their live shows, regardless of how elegant the lighting is. The music would feel incidental to Reid Bateh’s noir monologues if his backing band of ’80s-set urban-paranoia-soundtracking post-punk wasn’t so consistently compelling. 

On the heels of their immediately pre-pandemic-released LP “Stray“, the group is returning with the mini-album “Love on My Mind” which continues to stroll the same darkened city streets as that last release, while tending to venture further into the muddy waters of cow-punk they’ve circled since they first came up in the Brooklyn scene. Or “that fucking dark post-punk cowboy shit,” as their friend Nicky Palermo of the band Nothing calls it. “It’s fucking tough, to me.”

With both bands navigating hectic touring schedules before the next wave of—uh, well, let’s not go there Palermo met up with Reid and his bandmates Blaze Bateh and William Brookshire for a brief conversation about writing processes, returning to real life post-tour, and, of course, “ghost shit.”

check out “Love on My Mind” when it drops tomorrow via Wharf Cat Records.

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