The BANGLES – ” Doll Revolution “

Posted: March 10, 2022 in MUSIC

Originally released in 2003, “Doll Revolution” remains a favourite in The Bangles’ catalogue, featuring all the qualities fans have come to expect from this band the superb song writing, vocals, and instrumental skill. For its debut on vinyl, Real Gone Music will press The Bangles’ celebrated “Doll Revolution” (featuring the rocking Elvis Costello-penned title track) on streaked pink vinyl in a limited edition of 1,500, each hand-numbered. The album will be packaged in a newly designed gatefold sleeve with an insert. This edition is fully approved by the band.  Tear off your own head…it’s a “Doll Revolution!

The Bangles are one of the greatest all-girl bands in rock history, renowned harmonies, and chops…yet “Doll Revolution”, one of their best records, has never seen a widespread vinyl release to general music retail. That’s because it fell into that late ’90s/early 2000s gap when vinyl was considered dead (ha)! Now, with full support of the band, Real Gone Music brings “Doll Revolution” to its rightful format with a white vinyl pressing. A 2-LP set brought to you in sumptuous gatefold packaging with insert. And they have also pressed up “Sweetheart of the Sun”, the last (2011) record released by the band, now a trio of Susanna Hoffs and Debbi & Vicki Peterson. You’ll hear a real Laurel Canyon vibe on this record from these three songwriters, as well as some nods to The Bangles’ power pop past, all blessed with the vocal harmony arrangements that the group’s fans treasure. 

Produced by Matthew Sweet, “Sweetheart of the Sun” was out on vinyl for a heartbeat, with original copies costing a fortune; our Real Gone reissue—released with the full cooperation of the band—features the original album art complete with inner sleeve.

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