SAM Jr. – ” Sam Jr. 2

Posted: March 6, 2022 in MUSIC
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Sam Jr. Fuzzed out guitars with psychedelic laced wah wahs and bongos?? And flutes? Evil nihilist ooze-rock slacker fuzz? There’s a lot of play within that framework of Sam Jr.’s self-titled debut so we’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself what Sam Jr.  You may know him as a member of the Broken Social Scene, UncutBodegaBionicHawaii and Yardlets — is all about when the appropriate moment comes. And far greater ambitions were afoot during the record’s creation.

“My concept for awhile making this record was actually ‘What would The Dude’s band from The Big Lebowski sound like?’” laughs Sam Goldberg, Jr., the titular architect behind this long-overdue solo stepping-out. “ I’m not sure it landed there at all, but I think I was trying to harness the easy going nature and spirit of that character. I’m a hardwired optimist and a mellow person overall, and I wanted that to come across in the songs.”

Written, performed and recorded by Sam Jr. & Tess Parks

Drums and percussion performed and recorded by Miles Dupire-Gagnon Rhodes by Dave Fridmann

releases March 10th, 2022

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