PUP – ” Matilda “

Posted: March 3, 2022 in MUSIC

It’s one thing to believe in souls, but it’s another thing completely to think that objects have them. Regardless of where you stand on that metaphysical topic, it’s kind of gnarly to think about the lives objects have lived. What was it like to be in the same room as some of the most creative figures, prominent people, or even your own ancestors—to literally have an objective perspective. This is the sentiment at the core of punk group PUP‘s latest single “Matilda,” which arrives ahead of their album “The Unraveling Of Puptheband”.

“Matilda is the name of my favourite guitar,” Stefan Babcock revealed, setting up the story behind the band’s second heartfelt ode to an animate object. “She was a gift from my friend Ryan, after watching me accidentally break the only guitar I owned in the middle of a long tour. I had no money to buy a replacement, and Ryan’s act of kindness is up there on my list of ‘nicest things anyone’s ever done for me.’ I played Matilda nonstop for seven years at every PUP show, even when my bandmates started complaining that she sounded like shit.”

The accompanying music video, which was directed by Jefferson Dutton, follows the bittersweet lifespan of objects of importance in our life that we end up parting with. Babcock continued: “As the band got bigger, the pressure to sound better was building and so I bought a ‘good’ guitar and played “Matilda” less and less. Before I knew it I hadn’t played her in over a year. I wrote this song based on this intense feeling of guilt and sadness and shame and nostalgia and regret, watching her rot away in a corner. I love this guitar and I love Ryan and wanted to do right by them, and I felt like I’d failed them both. I convinced the band that “Matilda” deserved one last rip on a PUP record, and I played her during the bridge of this song. It sounds so shitty. But good shitty. Great shitty. For me, it was the most joyful and cathartic moment in the entire making of this record.”

Watch the charming video for “Matilda” and pre-order PUP’s forthcoming album “The Unraveling Of Puptheband” due out April 1st

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