The MOODY BLUES – ” Every Good Boy Deserves Favour ” Classic Albums

Posted: February 18, 2022 in MUSIC

The Moody Blues, who in July 1971 released their seventh album “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour”. Musicians reading this may recall their early music lessons that used the album’s title as an easy way to remember the musical notes that form the lines of the treble clef: EGBDF (Every Good Boy Deserves Favour).

Released over 50 years ago this week. Their July 1971 release “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour” , “The best-realized of their classic albums…for the last time with this line-up.” That is high praise indeed, seeing as Every Good Boy Deserves Favour was the Moodies’ seventh album in a string of commercially and critically popular progressiverock efforts including “Days of Future Passed”, “On the Threshold of a Dream” and “A Question of Balance”. Singer, lead guitarist Justin Hayward, singer, bass player John Lodge and drummer Graeme Edge take the occasion of the golden anniversary of Every Good Boy Deserves Favour to share here IN THE STUDIO insights into some of the Moody Blues’ best of those early years, including “The Story in Your Eyes”, “Our Guessing Game“ and “Emily’s Song” from this No#1 seller. 

Justin Hayward summarized the album: “It is a kind of a searching, seeking record. It was made at a time of tremendous success for us, and that brought on all of the feelings of guilt, inadequacy and self-doubt that accompany that kind of success. It’s a bittersweet record that pointed the direction of the next album which was the full stop.”

The band enjoyed great popularity that year following their previous year’s hit “Question“, US tours and performance at the Isle of Wight festival. “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour” climbed to the top of the UK album chart in August 1971, topping a number of big sellers from Simon and Garfunkel, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

Mike Pinder’s album closer “My Song”, featuring a complex, lengthy instrumental. This is one of the group’s highest musical achievements in my opinion, the music sounding like a classical tone poem at times. In the studio Pinder asked that his voice sound like being outside the world, looking down on it. Engineer Derek Varnals asked “As if you were on a spacewalk in your space suit?” Pinder replied “Exactly. Do it so you can hear me breathing, but make it sound really close and claustrophobic.” Assistant engineer Dave Baker came up with the idea of putting a large carton on Pinder’s head, into which Varnals carefully placed a small microphone, making sure it didn’t touch either the box or the singer. Varnals: “I then filtered the signal to make it sound like a transmission from space. We were trying to create something serious, but everyone was laughing hysterically—everyone except Mike, who was the only person who couldn’t see what we were seeing: a quite Monty Python–like image of someone standing perfectly still with a box covering his head. It eventually ended up sounding a bit like Darth Vader, but this was several years before Star Wars was made.”

Unlike the cover art of their other albums, this time the band had a firm idea of what they wanted. Usually they left it to Phil Travers to conceptualize the art. The artist talked about the typical process of coming up with the album art: “At the first meeting we would listen to the soundtrack together and discuss the themes and ideas behind the album. It was then left to me to produce a pencil rough which was then discussed further. Eventually a consensus would be reached and the painting would begin in earnest. Time always was of the essence, and many times I was working all day and all night to meet the printer’s deadline. But I have to say it was greatly fulfilling and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour inside gatefold

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