FONTAINES D.C. – ” I Love You “

Posted: February 17, 2022 in MUSIC
Fontaines, D.C. share “I Love You” from new album ‘Skinty Fia’

Fontaines D.C.’s “Skinty Fia” is one of the most anticipated albums of the spring ( limited edition, transparent red vinyl), and after having chewed on “Jackie Down the Line” for a month or so, we now have a second single. Using layered, shimmering guitars, the band lay down a dark mood on “I Love You” before the song builds to a full-on roar.

Frontman Grian Chatten says it’s “the first overtly political song we’ve written,” adding, “It’s standing in the center of our beloved home country as a multitude of things are brought to tragic ends in an apocalyptic state of affairs. That’s how it feels to me, and what I felt when I wrote it.” “And I loved you like a penny loves the pocket of a priest, and I’ll love you ‘til the grass around my gravestone is deceased”.

the video, directed by Sam Taylor and featuring an intense, magnetic performance by Chatten,

Skinty Fia” is due out April 22 via Partisan Records 

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