DAVID RAMIREZ – ” Rules & Regulations ” EP

Posted: February 13, 2022 in MUSIC

“It’s not easy for a writer to maintain the aura of the unspoken in a song. Music and the space surrounding it intensify the impact of confession; the true challenge comes in giving voice to a narrator who’s tongue-tied, or simply reticent. Texas singer-songwriter David Ramirez does so beautifully.

Recorded at Austin Signal Studios, “Rules and Regulations” was tracked entirely live with no additional mixing or mastering. The sound engineers used vintage microphones and first-edition recording equipment in combination with Dolby Laboratories’ new spatial audio technology called Atmos to produce a raw yet finished sound. Speaking about the recording process, Ramirez shares, “Knowing all of it had to be live, one-take performances with no overdubs, over a two-day period, kept us on our toes and kept it interesting.

Fortunately, everyone in the live room and in the control room were complete pros so what could have been a very stressful and unpleasant couple of days ended up being incredibly inspirational. In my early days, I did a lot of live recording but as I’ve grown older and become more specific I never thought I’d record in this way again. I’m now very interested in seeing if I could pull this off on a bigger scale.”

releases February 25th, 2022

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