CATE Le BON – ” Pompeii “

Posted: February 13, 2022 in MUSIC

The sixth full-length studio album from Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon finds her returning to the ancient past so as to root out new insights into our apocalyptic present. She does so via vibrant, synth-laden art-rock that feels both hallucinatory and clearheaded at once—she wrote the album primarily on bass (and performs all of its instruments except drums and saxophone), which lends it an ever-present burbling low end. Meanwhile, Le Bon’s lyrics eschew black-and-white doom and gloom in favour of more obliquely cosmic considerations: “Sound doesn’t go away / In habitual silence / It reinvents the surface / Of everything you touch,” she contends on atmospheric opener “Dirt on the Bed,” which might as well be a mission statement. An album equally suited to studying the present moment and escaping it, “Pompeii” is another transcendent effort from a singular songwriter.

She shared its third and final pre-release single, “Remembering Me,” via a colourful video for it that features Le Bon in various exaggerated costumes and poses. Juliana Giraffe and Nicola Giraffe of Giraffe Studios directed the video, which features costumes by Monica Adriana Rowlands. It also has a bit of a David Bowie vibe, circa Hunky Dory (the “Remembering Me” video perhaps references the one for “Life on Mars?”).  Our planet is in danger as we and Cate Le Bon know’s it.
She designs darksome, pessimistic images of humankind’s threats
with her classy song writing.

“Remembering Me,” our final preview of Pompeii before its February 4th release on Mexican Summer. In a statement, Le Bon describes “Remembering Me” as “a neurotic diary entry that questions notions of legacy and warped sentimentalism in the desperate need to self-mythologise.” Her vocals float over fluttering synths and a hypnotic mixture of electric and acoustic guitars as she evokes the human predisposition to delusion—the stories we tell ourselves to feel larger than life. “Louder than empty rooms / Face down in heirlooms,” Le Bon sings over long-time collaborator Stella Mozgawa’s drums, her self-image’s shadow lengthening with each word while the instrumentation around her distorts like a Dali painting. 

“‘Remembering Me’ is a neurotic diary entry that questions notions of legacy and warped sentimentalism in the desperate need to self-mythologize,” says Le Bon in a press release.

Previously Le Bon shared Pompeii’s lead single “Running Away,” which was followed by its second single, “Moderation,” “Pompeii “is Le Bon’s sixth album and the follow-up to 2019’s “Reward“. In 2019, Le Bon also released an EP alongside Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound titled “Myths 04“. It featured the songs “Secretary”and “Canto!” .

Welsh singer/songwriter/guitarist Cate Le Bon is releasing a new album, Pompeii, on February 4th via Mexican Summer Records.

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