KING BUFFALO – ” Acheron “

Posted: February 11, 2022 in MUSIC
King Buffalo - Acheron

King Buffalo’s last album  ‘The Burden of Restlessness’, which the Rochester group put out in mid-2021, was titled to reflect the frustration felt by the band off the back of not being able to play shows during the pandemic. They did, however, put that bottled-up energy to good use by writing and recording lots of new stuff, and as such new LP ‘Acheron’ follows a few short months after ‘The Burden of Restlessness’. The band opted to record ‘Acheron’ in a cave, which is both very unusual and very dope.

Whether they were looking to make their already pretty widescreen brand of stoner-rock sound even grander, or simply seeking a way to keep themselves entertained during the months of lockdown, is by the by – whatever the reason behind ‘Acheron’, this is sprawling heavy psychedelia from a trio who really know their onions in that regard.

King Buffalo have got making an album down to a tee, three great albums in three years is quite an impressive achievement but I guess that’s why they’ve carved themselves a place in the world of psychedelic space rock.

King Buffalo – Acheron Written by King Buffalo in Rochester, NY
at the Main Street Armory in 2021

Recorded & Filmed Live at Howe Caverns
on April, 26th of 2021

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