SOFTCULT – ” Year of the Snake ” EP

Posted: February 6, 2022 in MUSIC
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Twin sisters Phoenix and Mercedes Arn-Horn have released a new EP as Softcult, “Year of the Snake“.

After more than a decade of making music together, Softcult are exploring a new sound. “Year of the Snake” is all about shaking things up, made up of socially and politically driven anthems.

Mercedes and I had been considering launching a new project, but when these songs started coming to life, we instantly felt an excitement and passion that had been unknowingly missing for such a long time,” Phoenix explains. “You don’t get too many chances to start over,” Mercedes adds. “I’d say the biggest difference with Softcult was the fact that it was something that grew in the studio, as opposed to the road. Previously, the studio was the vehicle to get back on the road where this time around, we allowed the studio to become an extension of what it was we were looking to do. It was rewarding in a whole different way.” “Antagonistic and tender in equal measure, Softcult’s “Year Of The Snake” is a melodic reckoning, urging listeners to peel away the remnants of self-doubt, trust their instincts and to allow themselves the time and space to heal.”

Year of the Snake” was inspired by the upheaval of 2020, including the mobilization of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the inequality that was highlighted by the pandemic. The EP captures that sense of disillusionment beneath a perfect balance of grunge, shoegaze, dreampop, and punk.

Softcult is very socially and politically driven. A lot of others seem to talk the talk but then never match actions with their words,” Phoenix continues. “We did our best to not overthink the songs and just see where thy led us. There was no question that there are dark undertones to the material, but we are also infinitely more confident that these are the right songs for the right time.”

released April 16th, 2021

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