LUCY DACUS – ” Kissing Lessons “

Posted: February 4, 2022 in MUSIC
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Lucy Elizabeth Dacus is an American singer-songwriter and producer. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Dacus attracted attention with her debut album “No Burden”, which led to a deal with Matador Records.

Singer Songwriter Lucy Dacus is back with a video for her new single, “Kissing Lessons.” The release was recorded at the same time as her beloved 2021 album, “Home Video“. The song is about a childhood crush in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Lyrically, Dacus delivers lines like, “Rachel’s family moved out of town/ I don’t remember when we stopped hanging out/ But I still wear a letter R charm on my bracelet/ And wonder if she still thinks of me as her first kiss.”

Lucy Dacus gave new meaning to the term “couch tour” when she performed an entire concert lying on a couch. The singer-songwriter previously suffered two herniated discs and opted to play through the pain at Detroit’s Majestic Theatre. Due to “an unexpected medical issue (not COVID related).” It became apparent the next day what that injury was, as Dacus wrote on Twitter ahead of the show “sup, I have two herniated discs and the only way I’m not in pain is laying down SO tonight’s show I will be singing from a couch, I am both sorry and also pleased to offer this most humiliating and hilarious moment to you good people of Detroit.”

“Kissing Lessons,” the new single from Lucy Dacus, out now on Matador Records.

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