YES KID –  ” Lighten Up “

Posted: February 3, 2022 in MUSIC
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Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Yael Kaufman has released a new EP as Yes Kid, “Lighten Up“. It was produced by illuminati hotties’ Sarah Tudzin, and it should appeal to fans of hers and Rilo Kiley, as well as those who like catchy indie rock seasoned with a little emo and pop-punk. “I had just started therapy and found out that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder,” said Kaufman “At the time, I was in a constant swing of anxiety highs and drained lows. It was exhausting. So I guess the name ‘Lighten Up’ is sort of a joke. I really hate when anyone says that to me, you know? Haha. But my days actually were lightening up a bit, so I guess the joke’s on me! I was finally having some good days alongside the rough ones. I guess I sort of feel like this EP takes you through all of that – high highs and low lows, all those things you’re forced to contend with when you really look inward, yada yada yada.”

LA-based singer and songwriter. New Single ‘Too Much Feeling (Not Enough Screaming)’ out now!

Released February 2nd, 2022

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