ROLLING BLACKOUTS C.F – ” Endless Rooms “

Posted: February 3, 2022 in MUSIC
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Modern jangle pop favourites Rolling Blackouts C.F. have just announced their third album release. ‘Endless Rooms’ was recorded in the very place which features on the album art. Out in the bush around two hours outside of Melbourne, the five piece slipped off to the 1970s mud-brick house and laid down twelve tracks of brisk indie pop. The band states that the setting had a huge impact on the song writing and production of the album, as it sounds like their most naturalistic record yet.

“The Way It Shatters” by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, from the band’s forthcoming album ‘Endless Rooms’ (out May 6th).

‘Endless Rooms’ is the third studio album from the Melbourne-based indie faves Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Created during short getaways to the outback while the pandemic raged, the album’s twelve tracks have a much more bucolic and naturalistic feel than the straight jangle-pop of previous efforts ‘Sideways To New Italy’ and ‘Hope Downs’ – right down to the field recordings of birds and wind scattered throughout.

While initial ideas for Endless Rooms were traded online during long spells spent separated by Australia’s strict lockdowns, the album was truly born during small windows of freedom in which the band would decamp to a mud-brick house in the bush around two hours north of Melbourne built by the extended Russo family in the 1970s. There, its 12 tracks took shape, informed to such an extent by the acoustics and ambience of the rambling lakeside house that they decided to record the album there (and put the house on the album cover). For the first time, the band self-produced the record (alongside engineer, collaborator and old friend, Matt Duffy). The result is a collection of songs permeated by the spirit of the place; punctuated by field recordings of rain, fire, birds, and wind. “It’s almost an anti-concept album,” says the band. “The Endless Rooms of the title reflects our love of creating worlds in our songs. We treat each of them as a bare room to be built up with infinite possibilities.”

Releases May 6th , 2022 Sub Pop Records

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