DUCKS LTD – ” Sheets of Grey “

Posted: January 27, 2022 in MUSIC
Ducks Ltd tell us about their favorite songs of 2021

Toronto duo Ducks Ltd — Tom McGreevy and Evan Lewis have a new song! It’s called “Sheets of Grey” and you simply must listen to it immediately! We recorded it when we were doing the “Modern Fiction” sessions and always liked it, but it didn’t quite fit on that record. It’s actually one of our earliest songs though and I’m very excited we get to release it! Come for the part at the beginning where I use my high school latin (thanks Mr. Bigger!) but stay for the bit in the middle where Evan plays two guitar solos layered on top of each other!.

In less fun news we have unfortunately had to reschedule our upcoming UK dates to September. We’ve added a Dublin date though and we’re trying to find a way to come over between now and then. Thank you for your support and patience UK folks!!

“Sheets of Grey” is a single from Ducks Ltd. — out now on Carpark Records.

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