SHAMIR – ” Reproductive “

Posted: January 20, 2022 in MUSIC
 69 Most Anticipated Albums of 2022

Multi-disciplinary artist Shamir is gearing up to release his forthcoming album “Heterosexuality” due on February 11th via AntiFragile Music. Produced by Strange Ranger member Hollow Comet, the album was recently heralded as one of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2022 list. “Reproductive,” Shamir’s latest single, opens with slick R&B vocals and ‘90s-alt guitars as his voice touches thrilling highs. Shamir wades through the pressure of breaking generational curses, as he sings “I’ll make sure the evil ends here with me/ If it’s the only thing I do” over the hypnotically repetitive pitter-patter of drums. It’s an ode to the uglier side of healing and acceptance, and it’s wholly necessary.

Following his self-titled 2020 album, Shamir next plans to flip the script on “Heterosexuality”. In fact, he’s already started the process with his spacey, sparse visuals for lead singles “Gay Agenda” and “Cisgender,” both of which feature the queer artist wearing a pair of antlers as he preaches radical acceptance: “You’re just stuck in the box that was made for me/ And you’re mad I got out and I’m living free/ Free your mind, come outside/ Pledge allegiance to the gay agenda.” 

From the new album “Heterosexuality” coming 02.11.22

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