PALACE – ” Shoals “

Posted: January 20, 2022 in MUSIC
Palace 'Shoals' LP

London-based Palace release their third album Shoals via Fiction RecordsShoals is a profound and pensive album, boldly exploring some of life’s greatest questions over its 12 mesmerising tracks. the album deftly explores three main existential dilemmas against a broader backdrop of wonder at the vastness and power of the ocean, concluding its arc with the stunning opus ‘where sky becomes sea’. through diving into themes of the subconscious, dreams and existentialism, Shoals is broadly a record about living with and processing fear. the album’s title is inspired by the seemingly unpredictable behaviour of shoals of fish, shifting rapidly in much the same way as our fears and anxieties of the world around us. 

Frontman Leo Wyndham explains: “it explores and questions what really is palpable and real – what really matters and what we become in death – and the fear of that. the fear of existing and the fear of dying” “it’s an ode to the power of the ocean and the majesty of nature and how sometimes they are the only things that truly feel real, living and breathing.”

Palace returned with the first singles from the upcoming album ‘Shoals’ towards the end of 2021. ‘Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)’ and ‘Gravity’ gave us a glimpse of what to expect from the third of their albums, with their raw emotion and lyricism alongside their experimental and distinctively hypnotic riffs. In an interview with NME, Leo Wyndham explains that the album confronts a lot of personal reflection, anxieties and existential doubt whilst emerging with new sounds they would never have dreamed of using before, and we can’t wait to indulge in it. We’re hoping there will be plenty of the new tracks featured on the band’s UK tour this February!

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