ENGLISH TEACHER – ” Polyawkward ” EP

Posted: January 17, 2022 in MUSIC

Fresh off of being part of the bands most likely too of 2022, English Teacher have announced their debut EP ‘Polyawkward’, and shared new track ‘A55’.

Speaking about their newest track, the band’s Lily Fontaine explains, “Writing the lyrics for ‘A55’ was a cathartic exercise after waking up with ‘The Fear’ the morning after the night before – reflecting on the rise and fall of the ego as it became affected by what I put in my body, I hoped that putting it down in verse would make the embarrassment all worth it.”

“A Leeds post-punk four-piece who take their place in the front rank of great new British bands” The Sunday Times“ … The fierce and magnetic draw of a future punk great” NME“

Leeds post-punkers with an eye for a cutting one-liner” DIY

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