VALLEY MAKER – ” When The Day Leaves “

Posted: January 15, 2022 in MUSIC

American musician Valley Maker released his album last year in perhaps the busiest music week of 2021, so the beautiful “When The Day Leaves” didn’t get the attention it deserved. Somewhat impressed by Valley Maker’s previous albums I looked forward to this release. It’s an album that deserved a better fate. Valley Maker draws on “When The Day Leaves” for appealing folk songs, which are performed with a lot of feeling. The album is then lifted by the beautiful contributions of the voice of Amy Godwin and by the countless beautiful accents in the instrumentation on the album. It transforms the timeless songs of Valley Maker into beautiful songs that really only become more beautiful and impressive.

Valley Maker is the alter ego of American singer-songwriter Austin Crane. The musician from Columbia, South Carolina, delivered his third or fourth album last year with “When The Day Leaves“. Valley Maker makes music with mainly influences from folk and folk rock, but the American musician manages to create a special sound of his own.

When Valley Maker’s music is dominated by the acoustic guitar and Austin Crane’s voice, we hear a timeless folkie who seems to have run away from the 60s. However, “When The Day Leaves” is an album that rarely opts for the relatively sober combination of an acoustic guitar and a voice.
Austin Crane is on the third album as Valley Maker emphatically assisted by singer Amy Godwin and that works out great. Austin Crane’s somewhat nasal voice is fine in itself, but it’s also a voice that, as far as I’m concerned, starts to sound a bit flat over time. However, Amy Godwin continuously strengthens the vocals on the album with her beautiful clear voice, which adds subtle and atmospheric accents to the vocals on the album.

The instrumentation on the album is also beautifully enriched. Acoustic and electric guitars are central to “When The Day Leaves”, but they are surrounded by a smoothly playing rhythm section, by a large assortment of horns (clarinet, trombone, trumpet and flute), by a violin and by the necessary keyboard instruments (piano, organ, keyboards). It delivers a rich sound that is not only extremely atmospheric, but can also be called cinematic.
It’s amazing how Valley Maker’s music is lifted by so many tasteful touches. “When The Day Leaves” could have been a relatively sober and timeless folk album, as they were often made in the 60s, but it has become a colourful and multicolored album that shifts here and there towards folk rock.
All accents are used with great taste and precision. Amy Godwin sings just enough notes to enrich Austin Crane’s vocal and the accents in the instrumentation are also for a large part subtle but very accurate.

“When The Day Leaves” sounds like a nice road trip here and there and in fact it is, because on the album Austin Crane frequently reflects on his return to the Appalachians in South Carolina, after a years stay in Seattle, Washington.

Released February 19th, 2021

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