JOE STRUMMER – ” 001 ” Box Set

Posted: January 15, 2022 in MUSIC

The archiving of this box set material and compiling of ‘Joe Strummer 001’ was overseen by Joe’s widow Luce and Robert Gordon McHarg III.   All tracks were restored and mastered by Grammy Award winner Peter J. Moore at the E. Room in Toronto Canada. On-going through cassettes and recording tapes it was discovered that Joe was rather frugal and keen on hiding tracks.

On cassettes he would leave 20 minutes between songs. On the 1″ 8 track recordings it was discovered there were hidden tracks superimposed onto each other. For example tracks 1-4 were taken by one song and tracks 5-8 by two other songs which were thought when played back to be caused by tape denigration until the tapes went to Peter J Moore who was able to separate one song from another.  

The box set has the same content as the CD set and is pressed on audiophile quality 180g vinyl. The box set’s accompanying book also included in the Deluxe CD features rarely seen and previously unpublished memorabilia from Joe’s personal collection as well as historical press reviews and technical notes about the albums.

The cover on all formats is taken from Joe’s 1990 Californian driving license.   The artwork was curated by Robert Gordon McHarg III who previously worked on the Clash ‘SoundSystem’ box set with Paul Simonon, the John Cooper Clarke compilation ‘Anthologia’ and curated the Black Market Clash Exhibition.   Gordon says, “The idea behind the book is that it’s an A4 notebook done as if Joe had designed it himself, telling his story.

Hopefully it is an insight into his workings and includes hand written lyrics with personal notes and scribbles.”   Limited edition Deluxe Box set: Quadruple heavyweight Vinyl, 7″ vinyl single, cassette, A4 Book, enamel badge, envelope containing a screen print, a high quality image of Joe, two original art prints, and a sticker sheet.   Limited edition Deluxe Double CD in A4 Book. Double CD in slipcase. Quadruple heavyweight Vinyl in slipcase.

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