SHORT FICTIONS – ” Don’t Start a Band “

Posted: January 13, 2022 in MUSIC

“There is no pursuit in this world that is as equally fulfilling, and devitalizing as being a musician. The thrill of being on the road juxtaposing the squalor of living out of a van is one of the most unique dissonances I have experienced in my adult life. “Don’t Start a Band” captures the introspection that comes with dedicating all your time (and all your money) to an artistic pursuit as your 20s slowly slip away from you. The high-spirited bounce of the song contrasting the sense of futility in the lyrics sets this feeling to a rhythm that I think is relatable to many, but hopefully not too much so. Nonetheless, if this sentiment is meaningless to you, you can at least enjoy the song for its catchy back and forth vocals, its hooky bass lines, and it’s abundant and oh-so-gnarly guitar harmonies.”
Sam Treber / Short Fictions

Don’t start a band, unless you like spending time in a hot van (7 hours to get there, 14 dollars at door) Don’t start a band, you oughta invest in your future (your student loans won’t pay themselves, you should pick up more hours) / and every day I feel like a failure, sit alone at home watching Sailor Moon DVD sets / and everything just fills me with envy, always feel like my world is ending, every moment of every day don’t start a band, unless you like picking fights with your best friends (“I wish you’d start playing sober,” “why don’t you ever shut up?”) / don’t start a band, you didn’t go to college for nothing (this run of records costs more than my car, these kids aren’t buying our t-shirts) / and every night I feel like a failure, drink alone and curse like a sailor, I shouldn’t drink so much / and I think that this tour just might kill, drinking every night doesn’t thrill me, like it did in college credits.

Excited to say that Short Fictions has joined the label! Lauren Records. Today they released their new song “Don’t Start a Band,” and will be embarking on a midwest tour in February (as of now). This song is so good, check it out.

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